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Sample of (N=1513) expectant mothers

Maternal cotinine level during pregnancy and birthweight for gestational age. Peacock JL, Cook DG, Carey IM, Jarvis MJ, Bryant AE, Anderson HR, Bland JM. Int J Epidemiol. 1998 Aug; 27(4): 647-56.
Nausea, caffeine and cotinine measurements in early and late pregnancy
Data dictionary:

Each row contains the following 11 variables for each person.

Name Interpretation Data type Permitted Values
nausea1 Nausea during booking interview Numeric
nausea2 Nausea 36 weeks Numeric
caf1 Caffeine measurement at booking Numeric
caf3 Caffeine measurement at 36 weeks Numeric
cotearly Cotinine in early pregnancy in smokers Numeric
cotlate Cotinine in late pregnancy in smokers Numeric
cafdiff Change in blood caffeine Numeric
lcafearly Log caffeine early pregnancy Numeric
lcaflate Log caffeine late pregnancy Numeric
logcafdiff Change in log caffeine Numeric
cotdiff Change in blood cotinine in smokers Numeric