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Chapter Description SAS Format R Format STATA Format SPSS Format Text Format
2 Rhinitis rhinitis rhinitis rhinitis rhinitis rhinitis
5 Wandswroth Non-response nonResponse nonResponse nonResponse nonResponse nonResponse
5 Lower Back Pain lbp lbp lbp lbp lbp
5 Vaginosis vaginosis vaginosis vaginosis vaginosis vaginosis
5 X-ray xray xray xray xray xray
5 HDL hdl hdl hdl hdl hdl
5 7 11 PVD pvd pvd pvd pvd pvd
5 WHSS whss whss whss whss whss
6 Chlamydia chlamydia chlamydia chlamydia chlamydia chlamydia
6 9 Screening screening screening screening screening screening
7 Ghana ghana ghana ghana ghana ghana
7 Electricity electricity electricity electricity electricity electricity
7 Eat eat eat eat eat eat
7 EPS eps eps eps eps eps
7 Crash crash crash crash crash crash
7 9 10 Smoking and Baby Weight smokingbwt smokingbwt smokingbwt smokingbwt smokingbwt
8 Cotinine cotinine cotinine cotinine cotinine cotinine
8 Sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep
8 Cases and Controls casecontrol casecontrol casecontrol casecontrol casecontrol
8 Asthma asthma asthma asthma asthma asthma
9 Baby Anthropometry babyanth babyanth babyanth babyanth babyanth
9 TB and Meals tbmeals tbmeals tbmeals tbmeals tbmeals
9 10 PEFR pefr pefr pefr pefr pefr
10 BPD bpd bpd bpd bpd bpd
11 Ventilation ventilation ventilation ventilation ventilation ventilation
13 Meta meta