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Sample of (N=1013) BMI measurements for people in Ghana

Blood pressure and body mass index in lean rural and semi-urban subjects in West Africa. Kerry SM, Micah FB, Plange-Rhule J, Eastwood JB, Cappuccio FP. J Hypertens. 2005 Sep; 23(9): 1645-51
Body mass index in semi-urban and rural people in Ghana
Data dictionary:

Each row contains the following 5 variables for each person.

Name Interpretation Data type Permitted Values
villagen Village number Numeric
rural Rural village Numeric 0 = "Semi-urban"; 1 = "Rural"
sex Sex Numeric 1= "Female"; 2 = "Male"
elec36 electricity Numeric 1="Has electricity in home"; 0="No electricity"
BMI BMI at baseline Numeric