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Sample of (N=62) girls aged 7 to 11

Acute effects of winter air pollution on respiratory function in schoolchildren in southern England. Peacock JL, Symonds P, Jackson P, Bremner SA, Scarlett JF, Strachan DP, Anderson HR. Occup Environ Med. 2003 Feb; 60(2): 82-9.
Investigate the relationship between peak air flow rate and air pollution and age.
Data dictionary:

Each row contains the following 5 variables for each person.

Name Interpretation Data type Permitted Values
pefr PEFR (L/min) Numeric
age Age in years Numeric
gas Use gas for cooking Numeric 0 = "No"; 1 = "Yes"
smokers Any person at home cigarettes Numeric 0 = "No"; 1 = "Yes"
wheeze Current wheeze Numeric 0 = "No"; 1 = "Yes"