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Sample of (N=1513) pregnant women delivering at one hospital

Unpublished data
Study the impact of smoking on birthweight.
Data dictionary:

Each row contains the following 20 variables for each person. R datasets have an X before the _ for the alcohol group variables. SPSS has V1-V5 for the the alcohol group variables but the labels are descriptive. Stata abbreviates socialclass as socialclas~5.

Name Interpretation Data type Permitted Values
nausea1 Nausea at booking interview Numeric
birthwt Birthweight (g) Numeric
cigsday1 Cigarettes per day Numeric
smoker1 Numeric
smokegroup Numeric 1 = "never smoked"; 2 = "Ex pre-pregnancy"; 3 = "Ex in pregnancy"; 4 = "1-14 cigs/day"; 5 = "15+ cigs/day"
nic1 Nicotine Numeric
tar1 Tar content Numeric
co1 Carbon monoxide Numeric
socialclass Mother's social class Numeric
adjbw Baby weight adjusted for gestational age, height, sex and parity Numeric
alcohol1 Grams of alcohol consumed last week Numeric
moclass mo Numeric
alcgroup Alcohol group membership Numeric
cigsgp <13 cigs/day & <15mg co vs rest Numeric
_Icigsgp_2 Cigarette group equals 2 Numeric
_Ialcgroup_1 Alcohol group equals 1 Numeric
_Ialcgroup_2 Alcohol group equals 2 Numeric
_Ialcgroup_3 Alcohol group equals 3 Numeric
_Ialcgroup_4 Alcohol group equals 4 Numeric
alcgroup1 Alcohol group membership (Alcohol group variable repeated for legacy code) Numeric 0, 1, 2, 3, 4