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WHSS (Wandsworth Heart and Stroke Study)

Sample of (N=1575) people

Prevalence, detection, and management of cardiovascular risk factors in different ethnic groups in south London. Cappuccio FP, Cook DG, Atkinson RW, Strazzullo P. Heart. 1997 Dec; 78(6): 555-63.
To assess the prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors and their level of detection and management in three ethnic groups.
Data dictionary:

Each row contains the following 9 variables for each person.

Name Interpretation Data type Permitted Values
age Numeric
sex Character
chol Serum Cholesterol mmol/l Numeric
hdl High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol mmol/l Numeric
cr Creatinine mmol/l Numeric
sbp Systolic Blood Pressure Numeric
dbp Diastolic Blood Pressure Numeric
smoking Character
diabetes Numeric 0 = "Not Diabetic"; 1 = "Has Diabeties"